Duane Brazil - Founder-CEO

DRE# 01322091
(209) 988-6110 dbrazil@cricommercial.com

Duane Brazil with many years of experience in MHC space with a team specializing in transactional brokerage, consultation and valuation & management services in all aspects of Manufactured Housing Communities Mr. Brazil has a presence with a focus on high velocity markets in primary urban locations. He and his team have closed over 2 billion of transactions over the years.

CRI provides an unparalleled platform of services enhanced by the credibility of Duane Brazil's performance, the integrity of his service and the validity of Mr. Brazil's industry experience. This combination of resources, talent, honest communication and track record define the CRI & Duane Brazil brand in the market place. The MHC investors only risk in not to consider using Mr. Brazil and his team's expertise in their decision making process. Having Ownership in many communities separates Mr. Brazil from the rest. 

Duane’s strong focus on commitment and allegiance to his professional alliances has earned him meritable respect from his peers, friends, and family. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family and friends and is passionate about offshore fishing & flying which, according to Duane, “gives me balance in life.”

Danielle J. Porterfield - Operations Manager

BRE# 01353100
(209) 322-4005 dporterfield@cricommercial.com

Danielle has over 16 years of professional experience and has acquired strategic management skills and strong customer relations.  Danielle is a licensed real estate agent and works closely with owners in Account Management and Property Coordination with particular emphasis accomplishing management strategies to achieve owners' goals and objectives.  Throughout Danielle's property management career she has developed the ability to work very well with a wide range of people and personalities from property owners to tenants and contractors. She welcomes and thoroughly enjoys the many different challenges that property management offers daily.

Diana Bush - Account Manager/Controller

(209) 322-4011 dbush@cricommercial.com

Diana started working at a mortgage brokerage firm in the early 1980's in southern California. As a bookkeeper and loan processor she dealt with a variety of financing of different types of properties, from single family residences to large commercial buildings.

In 1985 when her husband left the Marine Corp after ten years, the family moved back to Central California where she was born and raised. Diana has worked in the office for over 30 years as an account manager & controller and performing all aspects of office duties.  She started working for companies of Duane Brazil from 1985 and is a committed part of the team.

Diana has been an office manager and controller during the Brazil's growing businesses from the beginning.

Heather Bright - Senior Management Associate

209-322-4425 Hbright@cricommercial.com

Originally from New England, Heather is an East coast transplant who is proud to call the central valley her home.  Her professional experience has allowed her the opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of personalities and over a decade in the insurance industry has refined her skills in client relations and support. Heather works diligently alongside management to meet the needs of both owners and tenants alike.

Susan Sturke - Account Specialist

209-322-1181 ssturke@cricommercial.com

Susan brings her background in customer service, accounts receivables and payables, payroll and petty cash in a variety of industries to the CRI team.  

She is a Bay Area transplant that is proud to call Oakdale home.  When she isn’t working or crafting, she is continuing her education in Accounting.



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