Duane Brazil - Founder, CEO, Head of Brokerage

DRE# 01322091

(209) 988-6110 | dbrazil@cricommercial.com


Duane Brazil is the Founder, CEO, and Head of Brokerage at CRI Commercial, specializing in transactional brokerage and management of Manufactured Housing Communities. As a highly seasoned investment professional, Duane actively participates in the commercial real estate market as an owner, operator, and broker. With 40+ years of diverse experience, he possesses a unique ability to exceed his clients' expectations. Duane's excellent track record and comprehensive industry knowledge deliver exceptional long-term results. Duane has participated in over $2 billion in real estate sales with $300 million in AUM, making him a highly sought after professional in all aspects of real estate. Duane's strong dedication and commitment to his clients have created numerous professional alliances and meritable respect from his peers. 


Duane enjoys spending time with family and friends, and he is passionate about offshore fishing and traveling, which, according to Duane, "Provides necessary balance in life."

Tim Ryan - Senior Investment Associate

DRE #02097345
(310) 862-6103 | tryan@cricommercial.com

Tim Ryan is a Senior Investment Associate at CRI Commercial specializing in manufactured housing communities, RV resorts, and multifamily properties. Prior to CRI, Tim was an Acquisitions Associate for Treehouse Communities, a commercial real estate private equity firm specializing in manufactured housing communities and RV resorts.

In conjunction with Treehouse Communities, Tim participated in over $600 million of transactions nationally, sourcing over $2 billion in investment opportunities. Today, Tim holds real estate licenses in California and Arizona and is well equipped to fit his clients’ needs in the commercial real estate investment space. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University.

Diana Bush - Account Manager/Controller

(209) 322-4011 | dbush@cricommercial.com

Diana started working at a mortgage brokerage firm in the early 1980's in southern California. As a bookkeeper and loan processor she dealt with a variety of financing of different types of properties, from single family residences to large commercial buildings.

In 1985 when her husband left the Marine Corp after ten years, the family moved back to Central California where she was born and raised. Diana has worked in the office for over 30 years as an account manager & controller and performing all aspects of office duties.  She started working for companies of Duane Brazil from 1985 and is a committed part of the team.

Diana has been an office manager and controller during the Brazil's growing businesses from the beginning.

Heather Bright - Senior Management Associate

209-322-4425 | Hbright@cricommercial.com

Originally from New England, Heather is an East coast transplant who is proud to call the central valley her home.  Her professional experience has allowed her the opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of personalities and over a decade in the insurance industry has refined her skills in client relations and support. Heather works diligently alongside management to meet the needs of both owners and tenants alike.


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